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In the first study, 230 volunteers were told that they would be rating how favorable or unfavorable they felt toward a romantic couple that had participated in a previous experiment.

This allows an opportunity to explore fantasies with your honey, attend to their desires and fill a void if need be, while being safe and not stepping outside the relationship.

A word to the wise…as adults if you decide to bring a third or fourth party into a sexual escapade someone must be prepared to address the repercussions that may ultimately ensue. Dear238Quick Tip: A big penis is so over rated and does not always equate to greater satisfaction.

This is a personal preference to discuss with your partner.

Use this blog topic to have an open conversation with your significant other or person of interest…providing it’s not too early in the relationship.

Sometimes the avatars were overweight, and sometimes a healthy weight.

I should point out that “healthy weight” is the term used in the paper, and one that not everybody would agree with.

It can be hard to maintain safety in the heat of passion, but make every effort to especially if this is an agreed option. If you’re proud of what you have, learn to use what you got, size will not be a factor!

Many people hold fast to the idea that opposites attract, but in reality, couples are usually more similar than dissimilar.

We need to move away from “a bigger penis is better when it comes to sexual gratification” because that’s not always the case.

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