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Contrary to what most people might anticipate, jealousy arises in the MFF triad when one of the women (the legal wife) lets it be known that she has a new (male) love interest.

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I'm tired of meeting men who think that they are players, yet their game is so transparent that they can't manage one relationship, let alone the multiple ones that they're trying to have.

I am tired of women moaning and groaning because dating sucks in Charlotte, while simultaneously detailing why someone is treating them like shit and yet still "dating" him.

My insider information leads me to suspect that the Roxie drama is at least somewhat contrived, but the demands for special treatment are classic and at the very least we see “asking for what you want” role modeled perfectly.

As you may have guessed, this means that I don’t watch a lot of television, cable or otherwise.

At three years older (and wiser) than her “such a millennial” boyfriend, yes, yes, she does.

I have a friend who thinks guys with fucked up teeth are super sexy.

If you are expecting a super progressive area, you will be disappointed.

It's official: I cannot take another second of the sheer and utter foolishness in the dating scene here in Charlotte.

Sorry about the uncreative username--I just drew a blank!

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