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That makes Seattle the second-gayest city in America! Perhaps it’s just the damp mood that draws us creative types to this city.

Seattle has a bustling arts scene unsurprisingly centered on its gayest neighborhood: Capitol Hill.

So we’ve been working hard to make sure that we’ve got something we’re proud of and that has all the features you need to make using Arriva buses easier.

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Here at Arriva, the Arriva Bus app has been a while in the making.

We know that you want something you can depend on, trust to give accurate information and be easy to use.

Whether you want to know the time of the next bus, where the nearest bus stop is or how long before you get to your destination, the Arriva Bus app is for you.

Ever wished you had a really knowledgeable friend who could come with you when you’re making a trip that is, perhaps, less familiar? The Arriva Bus app is your perfect mobile travel companion.

‘The Emerald City’ receives its sobriquet from the lush, green foliage surrounding the area.

Logging was Seattle’s primary industry in the 19th century, but today one can hike and explore the mossy woods without hearing chainsaws in Olympic National Park or on Mount Rainier.It’s a charming historic area where the epicenter of the city’s gay bars and clubs are located. Seattle is home to many gay-friendly restaurants that are guaranteed to please your appetite. We support the community through educational speakings, support groups and social events.A political advocacy organization for the LGBT community of Washington State.The fish market at Pikes Place Market is another favorite spot to explore in the city, and the view from the Space Needle shouldn’t be missed.Our gay travel information will put you right in the center of Capitol Hill, Seattle’s main gay arena. A bisexual non-profit, mixed gender, social and support organization created to foster a visible community for bisexual, bi-curious people, and their partners in the Puget Sound area.Learn about what the App can do for you and how it could help make your day go better. We operate in the North West, North East, Yorkshire, Wales, the Midlands, Beds and Bucks, Herts and Essex and Kent and Surrey.

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