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After a long time trying to find the cause of this, I've succeeded.I had "input.xml", a FIFO I used for a one-off test some time ago.

This problem, or something very similar, has happened every month or two for about a year.

Usually, wiping the workspace .metadata directory and re-importing projects 'fixes' it.

If you can't, then don't clean that project when you clean and rebuild. In my case it helped to remove the source folders from my favorites in the Windows Explorer (Windows 8.0).

It seems that the build was not actually stuck, but triggered in some kind of infinite loop (as mentioned here - Bug 342931).

It seems to like getting stuck when building my workspace.

Canceling the build doesn't seem to do anything as well.I left it over lunch, it is still stuck 54 minutes later.Attempting to cancel the validation process only adds "(Cancel Requested)" to its name. Attached: Thread dumps made with JVisual VM, shortly after importing the project, an hour after, and after editing a file, pressing save, and trying to cancel the validation process.Thank you for looking, After a long time trying to find the cause of this, I've succeeded.이클립스(Eclipse)나 스프링 STS를 사용하다보면 수시로 “Building workspace (00%)”와 같은 절차가 진행된다. 엊그제 STS 3.3을 사용하는데 예를 들어 57%에서 멈춘 후 계속 진행되지 않는 현상이 발생했다. I just added following file -vmargs -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m It worked fine after increasing the VM size I had same issue with my Eclipse and as a solution, I created new project, copied all resources manually (using windows copy/paste) to new project, deleted old project and that's it. By using Task Manager to kill the build process and exiting Eclipse with no projects open, I was able to get back into Eclipse and clean the project without opening it.

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