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Dinners at restaurants have been replaced by cooking at home, seeing movies in the theaters -- at a whopping a ticket --seems excessive when you can wait until the film in on DVD, and traveling? According to The New York Times, had its strongest fourth quarter in the last seven years.

An easy explanation is that though times may be tough, loneliness is loneliness, no matter how much money you have in your bank account.

But, depending on how we date when a recession begins and ends, double-dip recessions are more the rule than the exception.

STANFORD – The optimism that emerged in the early stages of the recovery from the financial crisis and recession has given way to more sobering assessments of the short-, medium-, and long-run challenges facing the global economy and its constituent national parts.

A bad Brexit will throw UK plc and all its component parts into the freezer.

A new study has found that people have a tendency to become more racist during a recession.

Rich or poor, employed or recently laid off, everyone wants to have love.

With that in mind, here are four reasons why online dating is recession proof. There's more fish in the pond: The primary benefit of dating online is that you're casting a wide net.

In the Foreign Office sits an overfed baby who reportedly sticks his fingers into his ears and sings the national anthem when issues, such as the damage to the UK’s professional services industry that a chaotic Brexit would do, are raised Boris Johnson is a relative moderate when compared to the unlovely coalition of ideologues, liars and fundamentalists in Brexit’s vanguard.

Some of them don’t just see crashing out as what Brexit Secretary David Davis termed a “negotiating position”. The Bank says that, as things stand, the UK economy can’t grow much faster than a torpid 1.5 per cent without inflation rearing its ugly head.

Better not to waste her time, my time, or my wallet's." "In my time online dating, I've messaged with at least a dozen men, but only with a few have I clicked well enough to actually meet in person," says Jane Walsh, a 27-year-old actress in Los Angeles.

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