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A freak of nature was prematurely born near here last Friday morning. Its lower limbs and shoulders, with the head, were much like a human, while its feet resembled those of a calf. The account was originally published in the Cincinnati Times-Star.The monstrosity was a cross between a baby and a calf. The head was as round as a marble and its mouth was small. An animal somewhat similar to the one pictured in the animated gif above, was living in a sanctuary in Oklahoma, in 2008. What is considered one of the greatest freaks of nature ever seen in Cincinnati was brought from Ashland Ky., Wednesday, by Dr. The freak has the body of a calf but the face of a human being.On both sides the ears are rather small and human-like, but their lobes end in three-inch-long calf ears covered with sparse hair at their tips.

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On the 25th of the following month, in the afternoon, the beast was having difficulty giving birth and both the owner and his wife were assisting.

They were appalled when, instead of a normal calf, they were confronted with a monstrous birth, which they at once put to death.

The tip of the nose is flattened, with the nostrils distanced from each other by a septum thicker than that seen in human beings.

The upper jaw, which lacks teeth [cows lack upper incisors], bears an upper lip like a human’s; the lower has ten thin, sharp teeth, and is more similar to a calf’s.

The upper portion of each of the four extremities is naked, as is the general surface of the torso, but the lower portions are covered with glossy brown hair. The fact that the birth of this creature actually took place is witnessed by the entire municipal authority of Wagendrüssel and nearly all of the inhabitants of the town, as well as by the members of the committee set up by the County of Zipser to investigate the matter. Sumerian representation of a man embracing two cow-human hybrids. If desired I can give full notes and circumstances. In a story in the Lewiston Evening Journal for May 12, 1915, (p. Six different monstrous calves are described, and “One of the six was a calf with a human head. Johnsbury)] has in his possession the body of a calf that has a perfect human face, the only thing of its kind ever known to scientists.

Bull-men were protective spirits who warded off chaos (image on the soundboard of the Great Lyre from the Royal Cemetery of Ur, now in the Penn Museum; Early Dynastic III Period, 2550-2450 B. But Schreter’s is not the only report published in a medical journal. 12), an account is given of various freak animals preserved by a local taxidermist, E. The eyes were close together, eyebrows were present, the nose was ape-like and the jaw perfectly human.” Lunenburg, Vermont. He will exhibit this freak at the Caledonia County Fair.

From the superior portion of the frontal bone across the face to the chin, it measures ten inches [~25cm, that is, about the same measurement as in an adult human being].

The frontal and parietal bones define a fontanelle like that in the skull of an ordinary human infant. On its head, from the fontanelle back, it has one-inch-long golden brown hair.

In 1827, an article describing a cow-human hybrid, born alive, appeared in the May-June issue of Magazin der ausländischen Literatur der gesammten Heilkunde (Schreter 1827, pp. The Magazin, published by two Hamburg physicians, Nikolaus Heinrich Julius (1783-1862) and Georg Hartog Gerson (1788-1844), was a German medical periodical anthologizing foreign literature of interest to doctors.

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