Eighteen year old boys dating younger girls

45% of guys in this sample are still virgins and 40% are not looking for sex or hook-ups.

Many are not in a rush and may actually regret moving too fast: 45% have had sex with someone and regretted it afterward, and almost half say it's good to wait to have sex until you're married.

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83% say both the guy and girl are equally responsible to get birth control or protection to prevent pregnancy. 70% are confused about how to know whether or not a girl wants them to initiate sex.

70% are confused about what a girl expects from them after sex.

To put another way, even pro-gay researchers have found that under controlled experiments some well-known stereotypes about effeminate gay men contain at least a "kernel of truth." While confirmation of these stereotypes goes relatively unmentioned in most of the press, this gay effeminacy is foundational to the conclusion that gay men are born that way.

The prevailing theory is simple: "Differences in levels of circulating sex hormones [of the fetus] usually testosterone during one or more critical periods of development cause the brain to develop in a more-male-like or more female-like direction, and these differences influence a spectrum of gendered traits in juvenile life and adulthood, including the preference for male and female sex partners." More simply, prenatal hormones circulating in the mother's womb influence the sexual orientation of the fetus.

From friends: 14% have lied to stop friends from pressuring them to have sex. 21% have been pressured by a girl to go further sexually than they wanted to and 56% often feel relieved when a girl wants to wait to have sex.

So many say they lie to appear cooler or protect their reputation: 60% admit they’ve lied about something related to sex and 30% have lied about how far they’ve gone sexually.53% say they won’t have sex with someone unless they really love her.

The first time is a big deal for guys, too: 80% of virgins / 67% of non-virgins say their first time will be / was a big deal and 95% would rather have sex with someone they love than a random girl.

75% would choose to WAIT to lose their virginity to someone they love than to lose their virginity as soon as possible.35% worry that sex will change their relationship.

In the case of gays, the hormones make them more feminine.

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