Eliana girard and alex wong dating

He also tells her that she was connecting more with the audience rather than with Cole.

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Mary also praises Cole and Lindsay, telling them that this was the best routine of the night and came the closest to topping the original.

Mary tells Lindsay that she couldn't tell whether Lindsay was a ballroom dancer at all because she was that good.

Lindsay and partner Cole danced a hip-hop by Christopher Scott to "Teeth" by Lady Gaga.

Nigel tells Lindsay that it felt a little immature to him and that with a character like this, she really needed to get into character.

Lindsay and partner Cole danced a contemporary to "Gravity", which was originally performed by Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau in Season 5.

Guest judge Billy Trevitt praises the couple, telling them he was very, very impressed with their performance.

Mary tells her to keep in mind that part of the show is acting, and Lindsay's going to have to bring those acting skills to the table even more.

Guest judge Adam Shankman tells Lindsay that he knows she's not a hip-hop dancer, so she really needed to bring in the character to make up for that.

Lindsay and partner Cole danced a contemporary by Mandy Moore to "Wild Horses" by Charlotte Martin.

Nigel praises Mandy for the beautiful routine and the Lighting team for their work in the routine.

Mary praises both of them for their great technique but tells them that they're looking for one ballroom girl.

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