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So, if you are wondering how it did all begin, for most the reports it is believed that it was love at first site for the actors.

Unlike people who look for long courtships, before finding the right match the couple hardly dated for 20 months before tying a knot. The first time when the two started dating in 2008, John Krasinski appeared on the Ellen Show in 2011, where he confessed that he was not really looking forward to a relationship, but he was looking to take some time off in L. He met when he met the Emily, he was nervous and wondering if he was falling for her.

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The relationship hit the rocks Emily first discovered that bubble was cheating on him.

On the other hand, Bubble stated that their relationship ended as they weren’t right for each other.

He said they did not act like who they were exactly in their lives.

Whereas, Emily Blunt had ended the relationship with sensationally, by making cryptic comments about Michael Bubblé cheating on her.

Though the Canadian singer had denied the accusation, the singer after a three-year affair married actress Luisana Lopilato.

Though even after the split, Blunt has a number of times admitted that she had a great time in her relationship with Bubble.

It was said that the couple had been facing difficulties due to Krasinski physique and sexual health, on which the actor started to take care of the health regime and shoved away all the rumors.

The couple going strong again was blessed with their second child in June 2016.

Emilia Blunt is a British actress born on 23 February 1983.

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