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Most Koreans are eager to learn English, so you can offer your services. Co-worker Drama: Though work relationships can be drama-free and fun, my best advice is to avoid dating a co-worker.

During my first week in South Korea, I met a dashing Englishman, a rowdy American, a Guinness smashing Irishman, and a sensitive Nigerian.

You will find that most ex-pats are single and ready to mingle.

My best friend is currently dating a 27 year-old Korean man, and she is a curvaceous, outgoing Jamaican woman.

Trick: They say that love has a language and, in Korea, the language is...well, Korean.

Because of the time difference, talking everyday is not always possible and meeting new, interesting, and attractive people is inevitable.

So, consider the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship before you move to Korea.

Although some are looking for a serious relationship, it seems that most just want to have a good time.

Trick: Local bars and clubs are a hot spot for most ex-pats, so my best advice is to put on your dancing shoes, throw back a few shots of soju, and get footloose with a cute ex-pat or, better yet, a sexy local.

So read on for some tips and tricks to dating, relationships, and finding love abroad. Making Nice with the Locals: Making Korean friends is one of the most important aspects of living and working in Korea.

As my Korean friend and tailor, Joe, says: "You are in Korea!

Talk to the Koreans, eat with the Koreans, drink with the Koreans, make love with the Koreans! But he has a valid point: meeting the locals is the BEST way to learn about Korean culture and increase your chances of making that love connection.

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