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However most of the plastic is made up of microplastics. It’s a problem that stems from the non-biodegradable nature of plastics as well as improper waste disposal. Cats As I type this I have a cat sleeping on my lap.

They seem so innocent, however large numbers of birds each year are killed due to marauding house cats.

In the last 60 years the worlds population has tripled.

A plastic repository in the pacific ocean is called the great pacific garbage patch. This patch is estimated to cover 8.1% of the Pacific Ocean and contains an immense amount of waste.

So much plastic conjures up images of floating plastic islands.

Increased food consumption and driving are the main culprits behind this increase in carbon emissions. Salinity If you live in an arid area like Australia, you may have heard of dryland salinity.

This problem is becoming a large threat for Australian agriculture.

By 2100 the ocean is predicted to be 150% more acidic than its current state.

This presents a major problem for marine organisms with calcium carbonate shells e.g. This increased acidity will cause an effect similar to osteoporosis in humans.What you may not know is how severe and long they can actually last.Recent data obtained from proxy sources like ice cores and ancient fauna, indicate that droughts as long as 50 years have occurred in the past.You can argue that all other environmental concerns come from this core issue.Increased populations are causing strains on the environment that have never been seen before.This presents a problem as places like Australia struggle to handle 10 year droughts.

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