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While Hunters are scored subjectively, Jumpers are scored objectively.

Scoring is based on a point system for faults in jumping (knocking a rail down or a refusal) or exceeding the specified time limit.

Entries at Devon must be driven to a road coach or park drag: A road coach is a twelve-seat closed vehicle for public transport on a scheduled route.

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In this division, Saddlebreds perform the animated walk, trot, and “show your horse” gaits while pulling a four-wheeled buggy.

When the “show your horse” gait is called for, the driver may alter the speed to best showcase the horse’s ability and talent.

They are shown to a two wheel road bike by a driver wearing racing silks. Friesians are a breed of horse originating in northern Netherlands and dating from the Middle Ages.

Abundant long leg hair and a very long mane and tail are characteristics of the Friesian.

Both are shown to a beautiful four wheeled buggy called a viceroy.

The pleasure pony must have quiet manners and be shown by an amateur.

The course usually consists of 8-12 elements, with a set number of 12′ strides between them.

The horse is judged by its smooth pace through the course, jumping ability and movement. Movement and conformation relate back to the hunting field where endurance and agility were a requirement.

Photo: James Leslie Parker Equitation classes are judged on the rider rather than the horse.

Judges are looking for style of riding, skill and accuracy, judgment in the use of the aids (hands, seat, and legs) – a general impression of complete, quiet control. His task is solely to jump, regardless of style or manner.

The Roadster must be a standardbred or standardbred-type horse, attractive in appearance, balanced in conformation, and have manners that make a safe performance in the ring. Photo: Sandra They are asked to trot at three different speeds; the slow jog trot, the fast road gait and then at full speeds. When originally used on the roads, they were walked occasionally for a chance to rest.

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