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After another housekeeper deserts the impossible household, pa declares it's time they learn to become more ...

See full summary » Director: Mel Gibson Nick decides the boys should learn the 'true spirit of Christmas' by earning money for presents with seasonal jobs.

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Sam helps Angela to prepare the hall, but takes her request for opinions seriously. See full summary » Director: Shelley Jensen Sam works really hard removing graffiti (mainly 'Kyle rules'!

), hoping to win the newspaper's youth commitment award.

See full summary » Director: Julie Thacker Bridget is going to a sleepover - or is she? Director: James Widdoes After dad's car radio obsession ruins Jack's date, the boys convince him to allow a second car, provided they raise the money, well half, which they manage. See full summary » Director: Robby Benson Now Sam's dream girl Angela has broken up with Britton Joffrey, he hopes to become her new boyfriend, but she asks him out strictly as a friend. The problem is she never stops phoning and sending pictures to her friend Trish - but they kiss, and kiss. See full summary » Director: Julie Thacker Chris left his biology homework so late that Sam can't help out and makes a stand after recognizing their former class pet frog Franklin. See full summary » Director: Julie Thacker Since Nick no longer works on Friday evening, his boys take an active interest in his love-life to get him off their backs and out of the house. See full summary » Director: Paul Abascal When Nick finds a cigarette, he starves and bribes the boys till Kyle confesses.

Kerry's driving license test is approaching and she needs lessons. Faced with his own bad example, he promises to stop smoking too. See full summary » Director: Gary Halvorson Since his wife left him, fireman Nick Savage raises his five boys alone.

Only the get the three brothers punished by mean ...

See full summary » Director: Shelley Jensen Jack's preparation for the school ball is simple: choose a date.

Other than hitting the red carpet every now and again for Disney, Von Detten has remained relatively low-key since his days on Disney.

2004 - 2005Haylie Duff and Erik von Detten dated from 2004, back when Haylie's career was all about guest appearances on shows like That's So Raven and 7th Heaven.

Director: Jeffrey Kramer "People' s Choice Awards" - American award, that is awarded to the figures of pop culture on results the spectator voting. He even applied for a presidential congratulatory letter, but idiots at every White House level mess up the name ...

See full summary » Director: Bill Shea Sam wouldn't react to rascals throwing food at him in the school cafeteria, so Chris and Kyle 'save the Savage honor by food-fight.

Whiskers try to make the best of things when they get stranded in the Amazon rainforest together.

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