Error updating sims 2 university

Since that was successful, I decided to try to install the patch for the Sims 2 again. So, I went into each of my expansion packs in the Program Files and double clicked those TSUPD files.

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Web chat masterbation - Error updating sims 2 university

After I transferred all the games from my old HD to the new laptop, I went into the EA Games folder in "Program Files," and then went into Sims 2" folder.

Within that folder is a folder titled, "TSBin." In that folder, you should find two files called "TSUPD" and "TSUPD00." I double clicked both of those applications and rec'd messages saying The Sims 2 was successfully updated.

It parses source code and automatically creates table of contents, index, topics, cross-references and context sensitive help.

The format of output documentation is fully configurable by user.

I got a new laptop loaded with Windows 8 and I managed to get Sims 2 itself on my laptop but I can't install the patch therefore can't install any expansions.


I had to remove the hard drive from my old laptop and make it into an external hard drive but I don't think that is necessary though.

I copied and pasted all my games from the old hard drive in the Programs file to the Programs (x86) file in Windows 8.

Then I went back to my windows 8 laptop and uploaded this 'EA Games' folder into my Data folder. I just wanted to share my solution to this problem.

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