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It is the earliest Germanic language that is attested in any sizable texts, but it lacks any modern descendants.

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Heinrich May in 1968 claimed to have found in England 12 leaves of a palimpsest containing parts of the Gospel of Matthew.

Only fragments of the Gothic translation of the Bible have been preserved.

Gothic is an extinct East Germanic language that was spoken by the Goths.

It is known primarily from the Codex Argenteus, a sixth-century copy of a fourth-century Bible translation, and is the only East Germanic language with a sizable text corpus.

The translation was apparently done in the Balkans region by people in close contact with Greek Christian culture.

The Gothic Bible apparently was used by the Visigoths in Iberia until about 700 AD, and perhaps for a time in Italy, the Balkans, and Ukraine.

The few fragments of Crimean Gothic from the 16th century show significant differences from the language of the Gothic Bible although some of the glosses, such as ada for "egg", could indicate a common heritage, and Gothic mena ("moon"), compared to Crimean Gothic mine, can suggest an East Germanic connection.

Generally, the Gothic language refers to the language of Ulfilas, but the attestations themselves are largely from the 6th century, long after Ulfilas had died.

All others, including Burgundian and Vandalic, are known, if at all, only from proper names that survived in historical accounts, and from loanwords in other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

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