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NBC News reported that, according to their sources, the administration has considered sales of 50 to 100 guns a year as the threshold that would trigger the background check requirements, although they have not formally decided on a number.“This is a super-complicated policy,” said one administration official who was party to discussions about the proposed plan.

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So he’s not only acknowledged that it could be to politicize but was doing so deliberately....

So now he wants to come to our community to stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some kind of political point and it isn’t going to be well-received — not by our people, not by our families, and not even by our elected officials.

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Phil Murphy signed an executive order on Monday mandating a “full-scale” audit of NJ Transit, the embattled agency plagued by safety and staffing problems.“This is an agency that must be boiled down to its essentials and then put back together again,” Murphy said during a signing event at the Summit train station.

“Today, we take that first step.”The audit will examine the agency’s finances, leadership structure, hiring process and customer service, according to the executive order.“I’m here to tell Obama he is not welcome in our county.He is exploiting the local tragedy with his gun control agenda,” the quoted Bruce Rester, a retired truck driver who was wearing a handgun in a holster over his chest. An armed society is a polite society.” Oregon Live (the online version of the ) reported the comments that Obama made on October 9 as he was flanked by Roseburg Mayor Larry Rich and Oregon Governor Kate Brown.The for October 10 reported that the presidential visit to Roseburg was not without negative responses.It noted that more than 200 gun-rights activists gathered outside Roseburg airport — some carrying holstered handguns.If you need to report a comment, please flag it and it will be reviewed.

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