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They want to use the real Pay Pal to pay for the merchandise, so it must be OK right? So how can they possibly defraud you and Pay Pal once the money is in your account?Here are a few quick ways, and there are probably many more!I told him no go, scam someone else- we didn’t hear from him again.

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(feel free to leave me comments if you have seen or heard of any other ways you can be defrauded on Pay Pal) 1- They (the scammer) will send you a phony (but legitimate looking) email from Pay Pal indicating that the money has been sent but won’t be credited to your account until you email back the tracking number.

This is complete BS because Pay Pal will NEVER asks for a tracking number before crediting you the money.

Pay Pal then turns around and debits the money from your account.

This one really puts the SUCKER stamp one your forehead because now what happened is that you just sent the merchandise PLUS to the scammer using another fake name through Western Union. Oh, wait…fortunately you read this article and you wont get stung! These are just a few methods that any Craigslist scammer can use to defraud you and the Real Pay Pal.

One thing I have learned is that the BEST way to cut off a scammer on Craigslist is to keep ALL your transactions Craigslist is also full of local scammers, don’t get me wrong. That would be just foolish to allow yourself to think that locality has anything to do with the criminal element.

There have been numerous reports of people being robbed or assaulted by local criminals from Craigslist. My husband listed a boat for sale on CL and posted is mobile number for any interested parties.

You have NO protection from Pay Pal if you ship anywhere other than the verified Pay Pal address – .

5 – The oldest scam in the book is where the scammer sends you MORE money than you asked for.

The link then takes you to a very real looking Pay Pal site where you enter your log in details and BAM, you just fell for an old fashioned phishing scam where the Craigslist scammer hacks your account and takes your money!

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