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Additionally, at the beginning of each episode, Stacy goes to her Minecraft Art Gallery, where she showcases most of the artwork sent by her fans.Episodes are currently uploaded on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Recently, she also does Monday video updates where she makes a one-on-one vlog about events and things that interest her.

Stacy also has a vlog channel called, stacyvlogs, where she gives her viewers short video-blogs about interesting times in her life.

Such as being on a completely vanilla Minecraft server, and having a team of three.

Stacy's team was called "Tigermilk", comprised of Tofuu Gaming and The Camping Rusher.

The included mods are: She has currently been shown to be very successful in this series.

It is currently the most popular series on her channel, with her first episode reading 1,000,000 views and each episode averaging 165,000 views.

It isn't updated often, and has 51 videos as of February 14th 2016.

She also is a consultant for the Epic Reads You Tube channel, among other professions such as: Writer, Gamer Milk Aficionado, Producer, and Photographer, as stated in her Twitter bio.

Stacy and her friend Joey Graceffa prerecorded several informal "Practice UHC" videos, and it mainly consisted of her mentoring him on how to play a Minecraft Survival Series without cheating.

As in most series when he died, he simply spawned most of his items in. This time, she was all alone, as the rules of this season didn't include teams as the previous one did.

She made it to the final four, but was killed by Grapeapplesauce.

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