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Likes to go out and have fun and probably embarass other people in public. No neee to explain anymore, just come and find out lel.

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Let me tell you, the only reason I don't look good in "normal" clothes is because the most attractive accessories are self-confidence and a smile, and I'm not wearing either when I'm dressed in skinny jeans and a Hollister t-shirt.

Those clothes don't make me happy, so I don't wear them with confidence and happiness. Now, I'm not about to tell someone that they can't have aesthetic preferences.

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(As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online Gothic dating business for over 17 years!Some of the most popular complaints being: The odd thing I've noticed is that many of the people complaining about fat girls participating in the subculture are people who aren't in the subculture but are attracted to the elusive "sexy gawf chick." And, I'm going to be honest with you, it's usually men. And when they get into the subculture and find out that we're more than just walking, talking, kinky sex-drones with DD tits and waists you can wrap your hands around and have the finger touch, they get on the offensive.They whine about the fat Goth girls who obviously must be doing it for male attention or because we don't look good in "normal" clothes.We have helped thousands of Gothic singles to date other Gothic girls, Gothic boys, EMO girls or EMO boys.We are a free online gothic dating site offering a completely free gothic dating service for goth and emo singles seeking goths friendship and matrimony in your area.Gothic porn girls are characterized by dark hair and makeup, pale skin, piercings, tattoos, and an affinity for dark clothing and lingerie.

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