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Meanwhile, if you aren't paying for antivirus software, at least employ one of the popular free products like AVG or Windows Defender.3.) Facebook impersonation Facebook is no longer a Web site -- it's a full-fledged platform, rapidly approaching the scale of the Internet itself.

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Fantastic stories like these only serve to convince many consumers to let their guard down even more, helping to increase the pool of marks for the professional scammers. My inbox is littered with people whose notes say,"I know I should have known better, but ...." And with that, they beg me for help restoring their ravaged bank accounts.

In fact, every single victim I've ever interviewed says they had an inkling that something was wrong from the outset, but they ignored that feeling.

Some sites actually employ so-called ransomware, which disables your PC until you pay up or disinfect it with a strong antivirus product. This is the one scam that just about anyone can fall for.

That's why consumers forked over hundreds of millions of dollars to fake antivirus distributors in 2009, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The best protection of all is to back up your important files, so the day your computer is hacked, your digital life won't be on the line.

They send flowers and candy constantly while wooing a mark (purchased with stolen credit cards, of course).

Gifts really do put women in an agreeable state of mind, he assured me. It's so profitable that criminals actually pay monthly fees on some dating services.

It's also important to have a fire extinguisher nearby.

A second PC or laptop is often your best help when disaster strikes.

That means scammers are now crawling all over the service, since they always go where the people go.

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