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Click to turn on." Attempting to start SCEP results in this error: I get the error when attempting to restart the System Center service and whenever I logon to the laptop.I first saw the issue occur with Update for System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 Client – (KB3106514) and now again with version (KB3153224).In addition to configuring File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) on your file servers, the latest version of the toolkit allows you to manage central access policy across the file servers in your organization.

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The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) series provides guidance for Microsoft infrastructure products, including Windows Server 2008 R2.

The series is a collection of documents that lead the reader through a sequence of core decision points to design an infrastructure for Microsoft products.

Hey spiceheads I've encountered an issue when updating System Center Endpoint Protection through Software Center. The issue is only occurring on a single DELL Latitude E5440 laptop running Windows 7 Professional.

When installing a SCEP update with Software Center, the install will finish and almost immediately i'll get a notification balloon telling me that "System Center Endpoint Protection has been turned off.

VPN connections allow employees and partners to connect to a corporate local area network (LAN) over a public network in a secure manner.

Although a VPN provides secure access by encrypting data though the VPN tunnel, it does not prevent intrusions by malicious software that initiates from the remote access computer.

It provides tools to provision user and device claim values and central access policy across a forest to help simplify configuring Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012.

The toolkit also provides a new report template that you can use to review existing central access policy on file shares.

I tried a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro and let SCCM do its thing.

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