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For good cause and at the Title IX Coordinator's discretion, that office may waive the writing requirement or the 300-day time limitation.

In accordance with Title IX regulations, the University has designated Donald Kamm as Director, Title IX & Compliance.

A diagnostic component assists with referrals to specialists and the expenses associated with the initial diagnosis.

Ongoing treatment includes service coordination to families with special health care needs. Diagnostic assistance is provided as a payer of last resort. Satellite clinic services are available at Bradner, Northwood, North Baltimore, and Perrysburg.

Behavioral Support is the implementation of growth-enhancing strategies that shall actively promote a person's ability to choose, to safely express individuality, and to engage in personalized interactions through self-determination and self-management. The Bowling Green Police Department only offers assistance/information for those neighborhoods that wish to start a block watch. program and demonstrates the differences between the juvenile court system and the adult court system.

These neighborhood groups manage themselves; they hold meetings and set up patrolling times. Drinking and driving is also addressed since many of the students are now driving or will be soon.

All programs have income guidelines that must be met.- Assistance in finding affordable, safe housing.

- First month’s rent, Security Deposit and ongoing assistance, as needed. Officer: Rod Smith 419-354-9682 School Resource Officer: Mandy Slane 419-408-2499 [email protected], Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Education Specialist: Hannah Madaras 419-344-6208 To reduce the negative impact of tobacco, alcohol and other drug abuse or addiction throughout the community through education and prevention, targeting individuals, families, students, schools, employers, and other systems.

The University encourages the reporting of sexual misconduct (including sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault) or retaliation that may occur in its programs or activities, to ensure that the University has an opportunity to address prohibited conduct.

Reports may be made by clicking here or by contacting one of the Title IX Deputies below.

He is charged with monitoring compliance with these regulations.

Questions regarding Title IX, as well as concerns and complaints of non-compliance, may be directed to: The Title IX Coordinator is assisted by two Deputy Title IX Coordinators: Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty Kevin West Senior Director for Faculty Relations/Inclusion Officer University Hall, Room 4580Mail Stop: 939419.530.4017Kevin.

To be a recognized Block Watch these groups must have at least one yearly meeting. Wood County Health and Wellness Center Adult Clinic is one site where services may be obtained.

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