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This will eventually allow you to separate your small business credit card from your personal credit data.

You must be aware that since business credit cards are not meant to be employed by consumers, the consumer protections relevant to personal credit cards aren’t necessarily present in business charge cards.

If your business accumulates a large debt, it will inflate your personal debt burden and cause you to appear overextended.

The personal liability arrangement, however, is not always cast in concrete.

When the business does not meet these criteria, the business credit card issuers will use the credit history of the principal making the business credit card application as their basis for assessing credit risk.

Do be aware that most business credit cards issuers will not approve your application for a company credit card unless you agree to the individual liability dotacion.

When making use of personal bank cards, the law grants you the right to dispute billing errors on your accounts within the specified period of time.

Within this period, the card issuer cannot mark the disputed amount overdue or cancel the credit card.

Together with business credit cards, you are largely on your own.

So, should you carry a little business credit card rather than personal credit card? Once your business has built its track report, you can separate personal and business finances.

It looks good when your business has long, positive, relationships with creditors.

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