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Eventually realizing that Nureyev he does not become, once again sent his foot in the cinema. And to become the heir Moretti, tired of the TV series "Inspector Rex", withstood a severe competition: the role of the claimed 250 people. It is difficult to count how many pounds of wool to clean off with it himself, his exclusive costume and no less exclusive furniture for thirty-one years of life. to fall on the couch and enjoy a large bone with a glass of martini, .

Communicate with four-legged friends, especially not a problem, but with weapons - yes. Worth at least one other person be in the field of view of the actor, . overcame the obstacle course or pull drooling stick, . Fortunately or unfortunately, when Gideon was married, in the vicinity had no single backwoods mongrel.

Taking off in a cameo by a robber, And he met and became friends with Reginald von Ravenhorstom.

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To keep himself in shape, Ged hard burns calories at the fitness club, is engaged in carting, loves to drive on his "Pontiac". For a time he lived alternately in Los Angeles (USA) and Vienna (the capital of Austria). Other famous films with Gedeon Burkhard: "Solo Clarinet", "Dangerous desire - man in temptation," "Two ladies, two men - four issues?

"New Adventures of Black Beauty, The" (1990) TV Series ....

So what about his sobakolyubii young wife found out after the fact. alternativ Magenta - Verfhrerische Unschuld (1996) (Germany) [de] Magenta - Seductive Innocence 10.

Some time it is touching, but then the actor was faced with a choice - or a dog, or marriage. alternativ Liebe in Zeiten des Krieges (1997) (Germany) [de] Love in the Time of War 7. alternativ "Rex: A Cop's Best Friend" (1994) (UK) Rex: best friend of the police 9.

In short, at the moment Burkhard single again, and did not suffer from this. Which Way to Oz (1996) Which way to the land of Oz 8.

Such devotion to our tailed bark brothers could not remain without reward.

But since we really talk about it, it is worth noting that in his life was a lot of schools and of all he flew with a bang. (Probably played a role early fame, struck the boy after the shooting the TV show).

About the school years of our hero is better not to remember. Mein Mann ist mein Hobby (1993) (TV) My husband - my hobby 19.

Famous actor Alexander Moissi great-grandfather was Gideon's paternal, and Konrad von Molo Filmproduzent by profession. " was made by his grandfather on the maternal line.

Parents: Elizabeth (nee von Molo), and Wolfgang Burkhard. Characteristics: Tattoo of a heart on left shoulder.

At one time, parents are even contemplating surrender rebellious offspring to boarding school for difficult.

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