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If we found the article was censored we then reduced the text in the article down to the minimum number of words required to trigger censorship.

If this minimal set of words is in simplified Chinese, then we also test them in traditional Chinese, or vice versa.

The message simply does not appear on the receiver’s end.

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As of February 16, 2017, four lawyers and activists have been (“Safeguarding Rights”) Movement and civil society at large.

The movement, led by a decentralized group of lawyers, legal experts, and intellectuals who seek to protect and defend the civil rights of the citizenry through litigation and legal activism in China, first emerged in 2000. Any physical and legal punishment applied to these groups and its members are often accompanied by public media campaigns aimed at discrediting these groups and restrictions on relevant online discussions.), was leaked, showcasing the Chinese leadership’s fear of “Western-style” civil society threatening the CPC and their determination to prohibit the promotion of “universal values” of human rights in China.”—the annual meetings of China’s top legislature—Zhou Qiang (周强), China’s Chief Justice, and Procurator-General Cao Jianming (曹建明), delivered a work report of the state’s top court and procuratorate (the Chinese office of investigation and prosecution), (周世锋), Hu Shigen (胡石根), and a number of other rights defenders detained in the “709 Crackdown” on charges of “subverting state power” in 2016.

This censorship is implemented in ways that are not transparent to users, a continuation of trends we have seen in .

Additionally, we provide evidence of images related to the event filtered on We Chat in both chat and We Chat Moments.

According to Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, the United States had been invited to sign the letter but declined.

that she was approached by Chinese public security forces and asked “not to contact relatives of other detained lawyers; not to leave the country; not to take interviews from foreign media; not to disseminate information relevant to the 709 case on We Chat or Weibo.” On February 1, 2017, the British Embassy in China on its official Weibo account (a popular Twitter-like service in China), calling for an investigation of “the account of torture in the case of Xie Yang and the allegations of torture in the cases of Li Heping (李和平) and Wang Quanzhang (王全璋),” as well as “the release of the lawyers and human rights defenders who remain in detention, including Jiang Tianyong.” Figure 1.Weibo users were not able to forward or comment on a 709 case-related post written by the British Embassy in China as “the content violates either Weibo Community Management Regulations or relevant regulations and policy.”.It thrives on the huge user base it has amassed in China, but the Chinese market presents unique challenges.We Chat performs censorship on the server-side, which means that messages sent over the app pass through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the entire message will not be sent.This finding is the first documentation of image filtering on the app.

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