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Often, the initial price is being determined through an ICO or crowdfunding.Afterwards, the price completely depends on speculation.

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Erotix Power is a currency that is used to specify curating power. Network The Erotix Games website will offer several adult-themed games.

This will range from simple puzzle , platformer games, and casino games.

More focus will be put on programming the Erotix Network and Erotix Games to prepare a fully functional beta version.

This beta version is to be released by the end of Q2 or early Q3.

People give a coin the value they think it deserves, even though the coin itself is often without value.

This results in coins being extremely susceptible to big crashes. We at Erotix think that stability is one of the most important factors needed for a coin to succeed.

Erotix Power can be exchanged for Erotix Tokens and the other way around.

In this quarter we will start with setting up all our business operations.

The Casino games will be provably fair and losses will support the Erotix network. Games The Erotix Store will offer adult related products and Erotix merchandise.

Users will have the ability to open their own store as well, here you will have the ability to sell you own products.

Thus, encouraging customers to buy Erotix to then use it as a payment method.

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