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I would love to see my wife with another woman as we both enjoy watching erotic videos of lesbians and women in threesomes who enjoy sex with each other.Recently what has really turned Allison on is when she's going down on me, I might use one of her vibrators or dildos on her pussy or ass, asking her to imagine she's with another man who's fucking her as she gives me head.

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I met Allison, by way of mutual friends, fourteen years ago and we've been together ever since.

We've never been much for the swinger set although from time to time during our love making sessions we will both role play a little.

Even so, he kept encouraging me to go there, knowing that I travelled to Greensboro on business.

I did for the sake of curiosity drive by one day, just to see if he was lying about the business.

But Rob went on and on about this young Asian woman named Mickey who not only jacked him off, she gave him head.

Every time he told his story, it seemed to get better and better, so I figured it must be absolute bullshit.

Over the course of the next three holes, Rob kept telling me to check out Mickey.

She could take care of my back in more ways than one!

Then at the club house, Rob launched into another one of his stories, about two married chicks he ran into down at the beach.

We all sat around with our drinks, smoking our cigars, consumed with his latest exploit.

I had a twinge in my wrist and a pain in the lower part of my back that shot through like someone had stabbed a knife in me.

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