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I now have more time to have more sex, hotter and dirtier sex, and simply with more men than ever. It means that I don’t have to rush home after work.It means I can find a nice little hotel room and meet with my lovers for as long as I want.

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Well that is my real-life primer on the life of Cuckolding. Well after all this time, you perhaps should know it. That is what happens when you are in a world of sexual ecstasy.

(Video works on both computers & moble devices) ~ Earlier this year I was voted as the #RQo S (Real Queen of Spades) of the 2017.

Once business was done, Rebecca decided entertain him and to do a little striptease as he filmed. (Video works on both computers & moble devices) ~ These days Rebecca is even busier than ever.

Her popularity is soaring and she has even more time available as well.

This is pretty much how it went 95% of the time for me.

The first part is that for me there is no Cuckolding without a Cuck.

Many of these videos are shot in dark lighting because most of her lovers are private men who do not want their love with Rebecca shared too publicly, but that all you need to do is hear Rebecca’s moans and occasional gasps to know what is going on.

Since 2003 Rebecca has been sharing 100s of intimate private spontaneous moments that can only be found here.(Video works on both computers & moble devices) ~ People have asked if Rebecca’s change in marital status has changed things. It means I have more time to have sex and it has allowed me to be a little more free to express myself.

Well don't take this video as the way to do it, but rather the way that it happens /happened for me.

So I thought I'd let you see a case of one night's event and how it worked.

When I told a few girls at my office they were shocked at my secret life.

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