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And, while you can use a free trial, you have to purchase the software once the trial has expired.

Similarly, there is no easy way to create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Word.

Learn more about Smartsheet for Project Management.

Show off your project plans with Smartsheet’s interactive Gantt chart software.

Smartsheet's pre-built Gantt chart templates make it easy to create a project timeline.

Just add your task name, and start and end dates, and the duration will be automatically calculated.

If your project is more complicated, with tasks that are dependant on others and a few key dates before your final deadline, you can make your Gantt more complex by adding these elements to your timeline: Your Gantt can tell a powerful visual story.

Color code the bars to highlight different people on your team or specific resources.

You have to add a table with all the rows representing tasks and the columns representing all the dates.

Then, you have to manually fill in each cell with color under the appropriate date columns to make a Gantt bar.

Click here for a tutorial on how to make a Gantt chart in Smartsheet.

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