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(chinkapin oak) may become the co-dominants in the vegetation type.

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The eastern occurrences of this system are associated with sandy members of the Cretaceous Woodbine Formation, while western occurrences occupy soils derived from the sands of the Cretaceous Trinity Group (such as Paluxy, Antler, and Twin Mountain- Travis Peak Sands).

Further west, in the fringe of the Western Crosstimbers, the system occurs on more rugged, rocky and gravelly sites derived from Pennsylvanian formations.

Differentiation of this vegetation type is currently theoretical in anticipation that these sites may be sufficiently distinct to require a separate vegetation type, however field data is largely lacking.

These sites are likely dominated by (sand post oak) may be present in this vegetation type, and sites should be sampled to verify, especially in Eastland and Comanche counties on Antlers Sand or sandstone members of the Twin Mountains Formation.

The shrub layer may contain species such as Smilax bona-nox (greenbrier), (redberry juniper), depending on the site) dominated sites are also frequently encountered.

Prairie openings and inclusions tend to occur on tighter soils.

Other graminoid species that may be present include (King Ranch bluestem) frequently dominate the herbaceous layer.

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