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This evil eye is the antithesis of the ‘third eye’ (which is discussed later).

The Greek Medusa mythological character was known for turning people into stone upon seeing her, and this was because she was the physical incarnation of the evil eye.

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To bring some of the best features of the i Phone to the i Pod, it released the First Generation i Pod touch.

Many people referred to the touch as an i Phone without the phone features.

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Its prevalence in the world of entertainment and various forms of media begs for an interpretation and explanation.

I’ve attempted to produce a succinct, yet thorough guidance into the various forms of the eye and the symbolism it represents.

The debut of the first-generation i Pod touch in 2007 was a major change for the entire i Pod line.

For the first time, there was an i Pod that was more like the i Phone than the i Pod nano or i Pod Video that had come before. 2008The i Phone ​had been out about 18 months when the first i Pod touch was released.

In most other ways, the two devices were very similar.

Capacity8GB (about 1,750 songs)16GB (about 3,500 songs)32GB (about 7,000 songs)solid-state Flash memory Screen 480 x 320 pixels3.5 inchesmultitouch screen Networking802.11b/g Wi-Fi Bluetooth (with i OS 3 and up)Supported Media Formats Released: Sept. 2010The 3rd Generation i Pod touch was met with a somewhat tepid response at its initial introduction because it offered only slight improvements over the previous model.

Like previous i Pod touch models, this one lacked the digital camera and GPS features available on the i Phone.

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