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Chantal urged her to keep trying, leaving Alexia in tears as she 'poked and jabbed around' for ten minutes. For a few moments, she was less worried that the tampon was lodged somewhere high up inside of her, and more panicked that it had slipped out and was now hidden somewhere in the sheets of her crush's bed.

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Researchers believe that millennial lifestyle adjustments (living longer with their parents, getting married later or not at all) could explain the decline while the explosion of hookup culture across social media could distort the inactive reality.

Orgasms for all: requirements for female climax are unique and diverse Speaking of orgasms, a study out of Indiana University surveyed over a thousand women, aged 18 to 94, to reveal that 77.5% of them reported a wide range in the consistency and intensity of their orgasms.

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Sexual education is forever evolving and nowhere more so than the lab.

With a long and rocky history between science and the clitoris, studies like these are finally moving the particulars of female preferences to the forefront.

Though she was on her period, she wasn't about to let a little menstrual issue get in the way of having fun with her crush — even though it ended up sending her to the hospital, where a doctor had to dig around inside her to pull out her lost tampon.A joint study (between Coventry and Oxford University) cognitively tested 73 people between the ages of 50 and 83.The results revealed that those participants who engaged in more frequent sexual activity scored noticeably higher in the categories of verbal fluency (the ability to form words in a particular category) and visual/spatial perception, both indicators of higher cognitive abilities.Ridin' high: marijuana users have more sex With the changing laws and attitudes towards marijuana, more research has been done into the lifestyles of marijuana users.A data analysis of 50,000 Americans aged 25-45 found that frequent marijuana users have about 20% more sex.15% of millennials ages 20 to 24 reported zero sexual activity compared to the 6% of the generation prior.

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