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Note: the vast majority of online volunteering opportunities are FREE - meaning you do not have to pay anything at all to participate - there are no costs other than in terms of your time.However, a few organizations do require you to join the organization as a member, and that membership may include a fee, which helps to cover their costs (the salary of the manager of volunteers, Internet access for the organization, etc.). Read these comments by a person who paid for online community service from one of these companies and had it rejected by the court.Do not limit your search for online volunteering to the list of organizations on this page.

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Online volunteering or virtual volunteering means unpaid service that is given by a person via the Internet or other technology network, either via a computer or via a handheld device (smart phone, cell phone, PDA, etc.).

It is also sometimes called service means actions, activity, engagement -- doing something that needs to be done and that helps the community or a cause.

Below is a list of organizations that recruit online volunteers specifically, some even exclusively, and you do not have to go onsite to volunteer online with any of them.

Some of the sites are individual nonprofit organizations or university-based programs, and you will assist that particular program.

Other sites are volunteer recruitment sites that allow organizations to post virtual volunteering assignments.

There are also citizen scientist initiatives listed below as well. Also, you will have to ask, before you volunteer, if the organization will provide a signed document that confirms your volunteer hours, if you need such for court-ordered community service or a high school graduation or class requirement.

Association of Internet Research Specialists promotes the value, integrity, education, science and art of internet searching.

"A qualified Internet Research Professional (IRP) is expected to identify problem, make reasonable assumptions, find information, tabulate data and identify qualitative and quantitative aspects of it - They make meaningful presentations and derive inferences as a result of their research while using Internet as a primary information retrieval tool." The organization has numerous online volunteering opportunities, including website content editing and auditing, auditing of an education course and examination procedures, technical edits and testing of online research techniques, assistance in teaching material development, assistance in educational video development, research assistant - course development, AIRS technical assistance, forum moderators, and technical blogs and article writers.

Stay away from organizations that say you can pay a fee to them and they will give you community service hours for a court, and all you have to do is watch videos. That blog also links to blogs that links to TV stations that have investigated these schemes. Below are legitimate virtual volunteering / online community service gigs, with real nonprofits.

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