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The new formulation is bearable, but nothing compares to this one... I remember spraying this perfume from my mother's dresser whenever I went for a night out. On another note, brian.fitzgerald's review is wonderful... Additionally this formulation looms infinitely large over the softer, sweeter, weaker iteration of the EDP released in 2009.

Very different from the more modern scents, but I admire all the notes it gives off- incense, jasmine, sandalwood... Although I am Italian I enjoy singing Bulerias, Spanish gypsy songs and they all evoke Opium. This perfume is hot to open: fiery cloves that make your upper lip prickle with sweat coupled with a wisp of delicately sweet incense.

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The myrrh resin in this perfume is gloriously dark but not heavy and lends a little bit of a smooth leathery character in conjunction with subtle brushings of castoreum.

There is also just hint of aldehyde that add to this perfume's substance.

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It is also the perfect companion for cigarettes and heady drinks, though those kinds of nightclubs are nearing extinction in my corner of the world. It's like someone put an incensy, balsamic top over a 1970's aldehyde/ vetiver base. My vintage bottle got YSL perfume corps label on it, probably one of the first formulations. I was able to find an affordable one from the mid 90s, similar to the tall bottle above.

In the opening I get about a minute of overripe bananas, then spice rack, and in somewhere between 15 minutes and half an hour (depending on if I'm writhing around getting all hot and bothered or just sitting at the computer), I can actually detect nuances. It smells of late nights at a desk with a bakelite phone, thick-rimmed glasses and a typewriter, followed by a hedonistic excursion when the sounds of the night outside become too enticing to ignore. It practically lives on the skin, undulating in rich radiant waves of oriental spice and resins. It really makes me stand up straighter, and speak a little louder. Very indolic; sexy but not skanky, like warm, musky skin. Almost the most magical scent for me among the thousands of scents that I've smelt. I am looking to purchase ANY vintage Opium, Youth Dew, Cinnabar or Dior Poison-ALL MUST BE VINTAGE!!! Message me and let me know what you have and asking price. If I should say just one fact about Opium 1977 /the most important one/, I have to mention that this perfume is so invasive and absorbing that it makes you believe this scent has become an integral part of your bloodstream. The version I have is less round and less animalic, very much more incense.

It's very obviously meant for dabbing, but I have transfered the juice into a fancy silver decant with a golden crackle texture that almost looks like some kind of snakeskin, because dabbing never gives me the right feeling. Oh my God, what is that, is this created by a human being? This is just beautiful, the most wonderful Oriental I have ever smelled.

Half a spray to the center of the neck nauseates me, I spray it between my boobs. Also goes well with a plunging neckline for nighttime, as was in fashion when Opium was released. :) two different smell, when I smell up close you get kinda harsh carnation but what it comes to your nose from a distance is unexplainable for me, well blended coconutty oriental madness. Two years ago I had the opportunity to smell the wonderful iteration from the early 80s, warm, comforting, mysterious and animalic, almost oily and round, and had to find one.

It smells just like it did in my childhood and I love it just as much, if not even more. This is a vintage but unique and outstanding perfume.

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