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Anyway, he is holding a gun with smoke trailing off the barrel of the gun.

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Dynamic themes are a great addition to any gamers’ PS3 experience.

Unfortunately, most themes cost a few bucks, and you can’t be certain that you will like the theme until you use it.

There is some cheesy text in the bottom left that says “ theme, so it really comes down to which game you liked more in order to decide which is better.

Agent 47 is standing to the side of the screen with only his only his torso and arms visible…so actually, it may not be him at all, just some random guy in a red tie.

Like all the other themes, it isn’t distracting and easy to read the text.

This theme switches between several dynamic images.

Instead of having to comb through every single theme on the store, we’ve rooted out the best ones for you right here, both paid and free on PS , and we even have video previews to let you see them in action.

Best Paid Themes This is a great theme because of the sound effects and the simplicity of the theme. Every few minutes, some flower petals blow by the screen.

The small amount of movement in the theme fits really well with the desolate image on the screen.

This features Cole standing to the side of the screen with electricity arching around him, birds flying and smoke swirling in the background.

The Tears dynamic theme shows a night sky as meteors fall to Earth.

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