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My relationship with my daughter is very private and nobody else's business." Sara, who has been friends with the millionaire rocker for several months, is said to told her parents the relationship did not develop into romance until after Noel's split from Meg.One neighbour said: "Sara is such a stunning girl it should be no surprise Gallagher has fallen for her but the lifestyle of a rock star is far from what we are used to.

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To add to the intrigue, even in this there are many different dialects and variations of words depending on what city, or area, the speaker is from.

It's all part of the mystery and charm of Scotland!

All calls were being handled by her boss Richard More.

However, she was reported to have told a pal: "We've kind of being expecting this to come out so we were braced for it.

Many of the phrases on this page give you a peek at those.

My Nana (my moms' mom) used these Scottish sayings all the time.PR girl Sara, 29, travelled to Scotland last week to break the news to her parents at their home in Edinburgh.Friends and neighbours said they were shocked by the news as until then they had no idea she was seeing the star.Although she left this world and has been watching over us from Heaven for decades, as I type this I can hear her voice in my head.Here are a few of the Scottish sayings that I grew up hearing on a daily basis: .After growing up in a wealthy Edinburgh suburb with her loving parents and elder sister, Jill, she earned a place at Bournemouth University.

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