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I lived in a neighborhood with all my cousins, on a street named after my mother's ancestors.

Then he'd come back and teach us, slowly getting us closer and closer to Judaism.

Soon after, Minister Flores made the decision to convert to Judaism.

So together with one other family, we requested that the church send us a minister.

They sent us a man named Hector Flores, who at the time was still training to be a minister.

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Of course, people who came to our church for the first time would wonder why we were discussing Jewish topics, and not preaching so much about the typical teachings of Jesus.

But Minister Flores continued on his unique path, and the church eventually split into two congregations. One of the unique customs of our church was something Minister Flores called "festivals of consecration." These were patterned after the festivals in the Torah, where people would bring large donations to fund the church activities.

From there it was constant small steps toward Torah: the obligation to tithe, where we'd give 10 percent of our income to church activities.

After a while our festivals got assigned Jewish names, like Purim and Shavuot, corresponding to the Jewish holiday they fell close to.

During high school, I studied in my church's discipleship program, where they train young people in leadership skills and how to preach.

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