Fsx logbook not updating

After all that, do a fresh install of FSX, SP1 and the Acceleration/SP2. You also want to save your airplanes, logbook and everything else. Then uninstall SP2/Acceleration, then uninstall/repair FSX.

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App Name: App Ver: 10.0.61472.0 App Stamp:475e17d3 Mod Name: Mod Ver: 10.0.61472.0 Mod Stamp:475e180d f Debug: 0 Offset: 00006da7 C:\Documents and Settings\John\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\fsx. Or does it just close, or say that it is restarting? EXE for the version of Flight Simulator you are running. This will be here: 32-Bit Windows XP/Vista/7: If you don't see the . That just means in your folder views option, you have "hide known file extension types" selected.

fsx logbook not updating-65

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the newer install - the one that has stopped working is at: D:\program files\Microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator x etc. I first copied across the old directory structure to overwrite/combine with the non working setup.

I tried this one again to see if it had been affected at all but still stops at the same point. Do I un-install the non working one, or modify it, or what? Regards You should uninstall everything completely, using the Add/Remove Programs. However, before you do that, Move the "D:\wd_something", to the "D:\not_working_directory". In other words, you are going to combine BOTH directories, so the Windows registry only sees one FSX folder. Before deleting or un-installing anything i decided to try and run FSX from there. I ran a registry cleaner just to be sure of things and have re-booted the pc a few times to make sure it is not a fluke!

This is since installing a couple of i Pad progs which refer to installing Simconnect? I mistakenly tried using the repair function from the fsx CD which I understand may have made things worse!

This is all frustrating as prior to this problem FSX had been running the best it ever has! I have collected the following from the error report it throws up if it gives any pointers?

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FSInventions announces the expansion of their product line with a new version of their FSFlying School add-on for FSX and FS2004 and now also supporting the FSX Steam Edition.

Hi, have seen similar posts here and tried out suggestions but am getting nowhere.

All was working fine but now it will not load beyond the splash screen with the following msg: ' flight simulator has encountered a problem and needs to close' etc...

It does offer to allow sending an error report to Microsoft but we know there is no point doing that! This process will take less time to complete, than it will to navigate to the folder. I have found an old installation of FSX at: D:\wd combo g\progam files\microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator x \ This copy (within WD combo etc) is a hard drive that I salvaged, copied to my new larger external D: drive and forgot about it - with me so far?

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