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Tet I have not made it my Bufinefs, to oppofe any of The P R E F A C E. The One has 7iot 'jet arrived to the ufe ot his natural Faculties : The other has renounced them ; and declares he v/ill not be argued with, as a rational Creature.

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benefit of the World, that it fhould be true ; They mud of Necef Tity grant further, that, fup- pofmg the Being and Attributes of God to be things not indeed Dem.onftrable to be true, but only Pojlible^ and fuch as cannot be demonftrated to be falfe ; as mofl certainly they cannot ; And much more, fuppofing them once made to ap- pcc\r Prohab L\ and bucniorc likely Co be true than |:ho Being and Attributes of Go d.

the contrary Opinion : Nothing is more evident, even upon thefe Suppoficions only, than that Men ought in ah reafon to hve li Gu Jlj and virtuo Kj Iy in the World \ and that Vice and Immorahty are, upon all Accounts, and under all Hypothefes, the mod abfurd and inexcufable Things in Nature.

That thet'e has exified from Eternity fome one Immuta Ue and Independent Being, 1 1 Of the Abfolute Impoffibility of an Eternal Succeffion oi Dependent Beings, exifting with- out any Original Independent Caufe at all. 17 That every Man may be more certain of the Being of a Supreme Independent Caufe, than he can be of any thing elfe beildes his own Exiftence. 20 That the Material World cannot poffibly be the Firft, Original, and Independent Being. ^i^^y pretend that the Arguments ufed Againft the Being or A.rtributes of God, feem to them, after the ftricleil and fullell inquiry, to be more flrong and conclufive, than thofe by v/hich we indeavour to prove thefe great Truths.

That nat Immiitahle and Indepen- dent Beings which has exiftedfrom Eternity^ with- out any External Caufe cf its Exiftence ; 7nuft be Sdf-Exifient^ that is ^ Necejfarily-Exifting, i^ Of the true Idea of Self-Exiftence : That it Is the Idea of a Being, the Suppofition of whofe Non-Exiftence is an exprefs Contradidion. Poland's, pernicious Opinion, of Motion be- ing eftential to Matter, confuted. Or from Or, nirdly^ Becaufe in the way of Specu Jathe falfe Phi' Rcafoning^ and upon the Principles of Philofophy, bjcj^h'j.

For, to fay a Thing is produced^ and yet that there is no Caiffe a C all of that Produ(^lion, is to f-iy that Something is EJft'Lfed^ when it is Effeofedby Nothing ; that is, at the fame time when it is not Effc Bed at all.

What- ever Exifts, has a Caufe, a Reafon, a Ground of its Exiflence •, (a Foundation, on which its Ex- iflence relies ; a Ground or Reafon why it doth extfl^ rather than not exift ;) either in the Necef Tity of its own Nature, and then it mufb have been of it/elf Eternal : Or in the Will of forne Other Being ; and then That Other Being muff, at leail in the order of Nature and Caufality, have Exiil- ed before it.Laftly, if they fup- pofc the World to be eternally and necef Tarily Self- exiftent \ and confequently that every thing in it, is eftabliflied by a Blind and Eternal Fatahty ; no rational Man can at the fame time deny, but that Liberty and Choice, or a Free Power of Ading, is a more eligible State, than to be determined thus Being and Attributes of Go d, Jf .thus In all our A6lions, as a Stone is to move down- ward, by an abfolute and inevitable Fate.Nov/ Many Arguments there are, by which the Being and Attributes of God have been underta- ken to be De? And perhaps moft of thofe Arguments, if throughly underftood, right- ly ftated, fully purfued, and duly feparated from the fah'e or uncertain Reafonings which have fometimes been intermix'd with them *, would at length appear to -be fubftantial and concluiive.B 4 But |f A T)emonjlratton of the But becaufe I v/ould endeavour, as far as pol Tible, to avoid all manner of perplexity and confufion \ therefore I fiiail not at this Time ufe any Variety of Arguments, but endeavour by Ont clear and plain Series of Proportions neeeffarily conne6led and following one from another, to demonilrate the Certainty of the Being of God, and to deduce in order the Necef Tary Attributes of his Nature, fo fir as by our Finite Reafon we are enabled to difcover and apprehend them.And confequently they are obliged to exclude out of their Num.ber, as Irrational and Self-condemned Perfons, and unworthy to be ar- gued with, all fuch Sconers at Religion, who de- ride at all adventures without hearing P.eafon ; and who will not ufe the Means, of being con- vinced and fatis Hed.

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