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Razzaq lifted mom in his arms and kissed her passionately just like in Bollywood movies.

At the same time mom was in no difficulty even though she had two cocks to play with. Mom was relieved that her sister was not being fucked.

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She has a very good body shape that resembles Deepika Padukone. Finally after 5 more minutes she came panting towards mom. As expected the corridor of the theatre was empty as everyone were there inside watching the movie. Do you think you can blackmail a women by video taping her having a piss? If you don’t cooperate with us, then we are going to rape you and may be kill you afterwards. Then each one went upto the two ladies and introduced himself with a spank on their ass. She tried to protest but Ramu placed a nice slap on her cheeks. Smitha aunty realized that she had no other option but to cooperate with him. But he gave her a slap on her face and forced his monster into her mouth. Mom started crying and started saying sorry to my dad. She was turned on and moreover she was relieved that her sister was safe.

Within 5 minutes, the movie had resumed but there was no sign of Smitha aunty. I got a bit worried and decided to go in search of them. I opened the door a crack to see what was happening. Do you think there is nobody to help women in this country. All the three men started to admire the beauty of their sluts. Meanwhile Aunt Smitha was resisting Razzaq’s effort to put his cock in her mouth. Ramu had his cock in moms cunt while Shameer had his cock in mom’s mouth. Ramu used her hair to wipe the cum remaining on his dick. She was glad that he had not fucked her virgin cunt. She no longer had the fear in her eye that she had a few minutes ago.

“Either you can have sex with us just once and go free without anybody knowing it or else you can go file a complaint in the police station and get raped and killed. And moreover having a spinster involved in such an incident would affect her future. Then another man in his late fourties introduced himself as Razzaq. He was slapping his cock on her cheeks each time she pushed his cock out of her mouth. Mom pulled her petticoat slowly up till her thighs and then till her waist. Shameer moved her panties to one side and started licking her cunt. Razzaq immediately got his cock in her pussy and started fucking at a great pace. She was screaming like anything but her screams were silenced by Shameer’s dick. She was licked by Shameer, while she had Ramu’s cock in her mouth. Suddenly Ramu pushed Smitha aunty’s head closer towards his cock and held her head firmly by her hair.

Aunt Smitha whispered something in her ears then both went out towards the toilet. I advanced towards the toilet from where I could hear the voices of my aunt and mom. We will go and report this to the police,” Mom threatened. We are so desperate for sex,” the man said taking out a knife from his pocket Mother was confused. If she shouts and alerts others then this man would kill them both. The security man who had threatened my Mom and Aunt introduced himself as Ramu. She was struggling to get the whole of it in her mouth. Slowly Ramu began to insert his cock deep into mom. Ramu started off at a slow pace and then slowly started increasing his pace. After about 5 more minutes Razzaq pushed Ramu out his way.

I fell asleep after about 15 minutes as I felt it boring. I woke up just in time to see the words intervals flashing on screen. I saw Smitha aunty going outside towards the toilet. I followed them out towards the back of the theatre where there was an out house in a secluded corner. The man opened the door and asked my mom and aunt to step in. She reluctantly put Ramu’s cock in her mouth while she rubbed Shameer’s cock with her hand. After about five minutes Ramu and Shameer shifted their positions. More over it was clear that even mom was enjoying being fucked by him.

I believe she had never seen such huge cocks before. Mom was in pain in the beginning but now she seemed to enjoy it. Shameer could hold on for a longer period than the others. First he tried doggy style, then he let mom ride him and then he continued with a few more positions. Before mom could say anything he grabbed Aunt Smitha and drew her closer towards him. It was choking her and at times she was biting it as well. Then there was a boy in his late teens who introduced himself as Shameer. Mom could do nothing as Ramu had his knife still with him. It took her some time to get used to the big cock of Razzaq. It wasn’t shaved but at the same time it wasn’t a big bush either. Ramu went towards Smitha aunty and put his cock in her cunt but aunt pushed it out in time. After a couple of minutes of fucking, Razzaq decided to change position. It was clear that she wasn’t used with this position. Mom was moving her butt in a nice rhythmic manner while both her hands were holding her petticoats up till her waist. Mom was relieved but the relief was short lived as she realized that Razzaq had cum in her cunt. She barely had time to think when a force lifted her off Razzaqs dick. He tried to get the cum dripping from moms pussy onto Smitha aunty’s boobs. Or else maybe I would have had the best orgasm watching mom and aunt getting fucked.We invite you to register for free and make love happen by joining thousands of attractive single men and women who have found true love and successful relationships through online free dating sites.

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