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Sex is, as Nicole beautifully puts it, as water, oxygen, prayer, and freedom is to humanity. My husband likes to tease now, “Where were you 15 years ago? I have never oozed self-confidence; my husband equally has no idea what lack of it might be like.

” Well, I was busy wearing a dozen different hats and not doing any job particularly well, from mom to cook to educator. I have struggled with self-acceptance my whole life, but there’s a quiet confidence that comes with turning 50 and having a happy, long-term marriage.

Try to not discount these date idea on face value, take your time to read through my point of view...

Let Over Thirty Singles put the two of you together.

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We survived our kids, and we even survived the shock and despair of the suddenly empty nest. On most Sundays, we still worship together, partake of Holy Communion and receive absolution for our sins. I’m still not exactly sure when my husband became my soulmate, but I do know that I never believed in such a concept until recently.

It is such an honor to watch our kids live as adults. I also believe my husband is a modern-day Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series (not 24-year-old handsome laird Jamie, but 55-year-old King of Men Jamie). A few months ago, a friend and I were talking after one of those drink-wine-and-learn-to-paint classes (I CANNOT paint.) Although she has been married for only a couple of years (to someone she has loved for many years), we both have had the same disconcerting realization that our husbands have become our soulmates.

In recent years, though, our votes have become more aligned, our radio station is the same, and we now watch movies together.

We also hold each other as we fall asleep, which is something we never did at years ten and 20.

Ok, I understand that everyone has their own view on what is fun, so I'm not expecting that this list of FUN DATE IDEAS are going to appeal to everyone.

This list is a combination of safe fun date ideas that include simple classics that we're all comfortable doing to other ideas that are fun because they push your comfort circles and make you do things that you wouldn't normally do on a date.

Our kids have already wreaked their havoc and have gone on their merry ways.

In some ways, we are still smarting from the experience.

Lately, I worry more about putting time into friendships and other relationships. Yet, God is good, sex is now amazing (sorry, kids) and has morphed to a spiritual experience.

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