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The IRS gives a 5.4 percent credit to employers paying state unemployment which reduces the FUTA tax to .60 percent. According to the IRS, a state is a credit reduction state if it has taken loans from the federal government to meet state unemployment benefits liabilities and has not repaid the loans within the appropriate time frame. The DOL also has a spreadsheet that you can download will more information. Prime Pay clients can also contact their Client Success Representative for any additional questions.

The IRS goes on to explain that a reduction in the usual credit against the full FUTA tax rate meant employers paying wages subject to UI tax in those states will owe a greater amount of tax.

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A sordid drama played out at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), on Thursday, as the institution’s Registrar, Dr. The memo was posted on our union’s Whatsapp platform but was not easily readable on the phone. Adams use the office printer to print out the memo so that he could conveniently read it,” explained the source.

A sordid drama played out at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), on Thursday, as the institution’s Registrar, Dr. Ajayi was told that a memo was printed out on her office printer behind her back. Adams was in the office and trying to download a memo written by the university’s Legal Director to the acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tunde Arayela, in respect of the court order issued to the university concerning the payment of staff salaries.

“The incident actually happened, but I can’t speak for the Registrar because she might have her own personal reasons for such a display. Moreover, it is an in-house matter, not one for the press.

I am aware that the Registrar has met with the council over the unfortunate incident,” the source said.Extended Definition FUTA tax is the federal part the unemployment insurance program created by the Federal Unemployment Tax Act.Employers pay FUTA tax to fund the federal government’s part in overseeing each state’s unemployment (SUTA) program.“We have reported to the matter to the Police because we don’t want to cause any other crisis on the campus,” he said. Dele Durojaye, Chairman of the FUTA chapter of Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), also confirmed the incident to Sahara Reporters in a telephone conversation.The SSANU leader, who condemned the Registrar’s action, disclosed that leaders of his union have taken steps in protest against the dehumanization of the clerical staff. This is a federal tax paid by the employer to help fund the federal component to oversee each state’s unemployment program. If you are a Full Service Payroll customer of Patriot Software, you will need to indicate whether your company files its FUTA tax on a quarterly basis, or an annual basis.

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