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Tinder haters like to accuse the app of simply being a virtual meat market.But one person’s accusatory words are clearly another person’s praises, friends?Everything I know about Tinder I learned from my gay friends who mastered the art of Grindr years before we straight people started using apps to date in the ADHD era.

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And when “fishing” for love interests is as easy as swiping right, it turns out even the shiest of us modern folk suddenly have mad game in the pickup department.

Thanks, 21st century, for solving the confidence conundrum that fueled plotlines of 80s teen movies when “does he/she love me or love me not? So act like a decent individual (note to self), and treat others like they’re worthy of your time…

And since I don’t like to talk love without doing extensive first-hand research myself, I went on back-to-back Tinder dates this week to test out my skills and decide once and for all what the major Tinder First Date Don’ts are.

Here are my new and improved Tinder First Date Don’ts for summer 2014, y’all…

Tinder First Date Don’t #1: Don’t Keep Your Phone On The Table I got called out for this on my second Tinder first date this week, and rightly so. Tinder First Date Don’t #2: Don’t Over-Share Or Under-Share Regarding Your True Identity Maybe you’re like me and you have a past that you’d like to clear with potential suitors before even the first date is over.

Sure, I’m the girl in the situation, but my Tinder date still had no problem telling me that I was breaking one of his top Tinder etiquette rules by leaving my phone out in the open like I might have better things to do or other people to talk to who weren’t physically there. I like people to know that I’m over two years sober, have been to rehab, and don’t drink but am comfortable around moderate drinkers.

After all, my roommate and his awesome boyfriend met on Grindr a year ago and I know a handful of straights who are now exclusive with their one-time Tinder first date.

If that’s not a sign true love can come from a right swipe I don’t know what it is…

I tried to pull the whole but-I’m-female-and-you’re-a-stranger card, but it was noon and we were in a bustling cafe on King Street – plus I’ve put myself in riskier situations via Kijiji and Craigslist just buying furniture. That’s a heavy back-story to unload but one I’d rather put on the table right away… Why wait til date three to surprise someone with the truth?

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