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The amount of child support Shepherd is currently paying her ex-husband is more than New Jersey has required her to pay, so if Sally wanted to revisit the matter in a New Jersey court he would likely face having his payments reduced substantially.". Shepherd's not paying a penny more than New Jersey required her to pay.

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What he was demanding was not fair & allowed him to not work.

My ex-husband says he works part-time 20-30 hours a week. I have always had to hustle to take care of mine."E!

But usually the crowdsourced data we have is pretty accurate.

Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud.

Sherri Shepherd has quite the view on her ex-husband.

As the Hollywood actress continues a court battle with Lamar Sally, Twitter followers are getting a greater sense that these two remain far from friendly exes.

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake.

They ask you to: Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine?

If you gave the scammer your bank or credit card account numbers, contact your bank or credit card company and ask how to protect your accounts.

Please report this to the FTC at

just wanted a fair decision and not made to pay an amount borne from greed and deception," Sherri shared on Twitter this week. time to put this mimosa down and log off twitter before ex hauls me back in court for making him look like a gold digger."She added, "For the record…

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