Ghana gay dating

Right from the ‘illegal’ nature of the act in the country to the various scams that some ‘hopefuls’ engage in to make quick money, the site presents expatriates all there is to know about the Ghanaian homosexual community.“Our welcome must, however, come with a word of caution.Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness., a homosexual online site, provides information about Ghanaian homosexuals to expatriates who seek black partners for fun, as well as serious relationships.

Just like a tour guide, the website gives detailed information on the homosexual landscape in Ghana.

He is purposeful person and knows what he wants in his life.

I want my future man to be honest and loyal, he is understanding and has a good sense of humor. About Me: Well I am Shadrackwho is much more a giver than a taker and someone who is passionate and compassionate, loyal and endearing,honest and honorable and very much the kind of man who knows how to treat a special man.

About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for a confident, educated and smart man.

He is sincere, open-minded and an interesting interlocutor. About Me: I want to believe that some powerful force leads you to me.Maybe you are just briefly looking through many profiles but some magnetic force beyond your control made you lay your eyes on my photo and maybe, just, maybe your heart will skip one beat and maybe you will feel that special chemistry and...At sites like Outpersonals or Gaydar, you will find that Ghana is the country in Africa with the most registered hopefuls.” “No other country in Africa has so many boys and men looking for a partner on Outpersonals with picture (often naked) than Ghana.Does this mean Ghana is the Gay paradise in Africa? It may mean that there are plenty young men desperate enough to seek greener pastures elsewhere and who are developed enough to have access to the internet and a digital camera,” Andy added.Ghana has been named as the African country with the most registered homosexual ‘hopefuls’ seeking expatriate partners.

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