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Three piece razor, top guard has three studs, center one is threaded for handle. Milady Decollete Gold Gillette Safety Razor Vintage 1917 Gillette Milady Decollete gold plated lady's safety razor, this one has serial number E444538 dates it to 1917. Originally used the three hole blades but regular double edge blades work. Also has slotted center hole and the top plate has square positioning posts. Silver color, three piece razor, top piece has the bar that fits in blade slot of bottom blade holder.

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Gillette Super Speed, Silver Tip, 1969 Gillette Super Speed with black handle and silver tip.

Gillette Knack Razor, Long Handle 1970's Gillette Knack safety razor with long bluish color plastic handle.

Schick Injector Razor, Black Bakelite Case Vintage Schick Injector Razor with bakelite handle. Eversharp Schick '66' Injector Razor (Matte) Eversharp Schick '66' injector razor with dark blue handle and matte finish silver head.

was a division of Auto Strop Razor Co., Inc., New York, NY. Shick Injector Safety Razor 1955 to 1958 Vintage Shick injector razor made by Eversharp Inc. Square fully ribbed handle in cream plastic with gold triangular streamlined head.

A vintage Schick safety razor, has long black handle with silver TTO tip.

(Haven't worked on Schick double edge razor dating yet.) Schick Krona Safety Razor Schick Krona safety razor, long black handle, has Schick Krona impressed on doors. Don't know if these blades are available, but checking around.

Kewtie Ladies Safety Razor Kewtie Ladies Safety Razor in yellow teardrop shaped case.

Neillite Four Hundred Safety Razor, Black Neillite three-piece safety razor made of black plastic (bakelite? Marked Neillite Four Hundred on top plate, Made in USA on lower plate. Neillite Lady's Razor Vintage Neillite Lady's Razor 3pc bakelite (?

This is a work in progress, in other words as I have time to work on it. Gillette Sheraton Safety Razor Gillette Sheraton safety razor. Center bar not notched and no end caps, Pat Nos on Package above the TTO knob. Gillette Super Speed, Blue Tip Gillette Super Speed razor with blue tip, mild beard. 1958 Gillette TV Super Speed Safety Razor The 1958 Gillette TV Super Speed safety razor. Has 1-9 blade settings, TTO, uses regular double edge blades.

The purpose is to compile information on vintage safety razors, identification, stats and photos for the safety razor collector. Gillette Tech Contract Razor Black colored Gillette Tech razor, called a Gillette, Tech Contract razor. In the original black plastic case and cardboard box. Gillette Super Speed Safety Razor 1960's Super Speed Gillette safety razor. 1960's Gillette Adjustable Razor, Black Handle Gillette Adjustable Razor with short black handle.

Similar to the Schick Injector and can use Schick blades. Probak Safety Razor Probak safety razor, open comb type.

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