Girls dating douchebags

But because I’m a nurturing person who likes to fix things, I think I naturally gravitate toward less-than-stellar dudes. I started giving up on things that I wanted to do with my life, things I dreamed of since I was a kid.

I slowly started to become the complete opposite of myself trying to make a very toxic relationship work.

I myself have said exactly that with a knowing nod and a chuckle.

The wrong text can turn Prince Charming into Shrek before the next chat bubble.

Whether they forget your name or go straight ghost, these are 11 of the douchiest things a guy you’re dating can say.

But stubborn, I fought to the death to defend my relationship even though I myself didn’t think it was worth defending.

I was defending a person who brought me down, who emotionally and verbally abused me.

My daughter is just facing those years herself, and I have tried to tell her to pay attention to that guy that is always your friend, pay attention to the one that talks to you and laughs at your jokes and actually calls when he says he will.

The archetypal bad boy/jerk/insert-your-expletive here. Ignore the flash in the pan, I say, as if a 12-year-old knows anything about flashes or pans yet." This idea gets drilled into the young child's head and eventually becomes a normal way of thinking.

Generally, my dad avoids talking about sex and relationships with me. But when I do have those conversations with him, he always gives the best advice that usually ends with a Seinfeld quote.

My boyfriend had come home with me for a week after a tornado ripped through our college town. We had a huge fight where he said a lot of things that I can’t even repeat.

I’m left hanging and basically responding to my own messages. Douches use emoji because they can’t (or don’t want to) express their true emotions.

Here, we see Chris and I have plans but he never follows up with details. Who doesn’t want to get the kissy smiley face or the heart?

It wasn’t too long after that conversation that I ended my toxic relationship and stopped dating douchebags.

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