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Many more lived together but did not marry (more about them below).

While wishing to incorporate pre-nuptial living together into a Christian framework of marriage, it is difficult to see how Christian traditions could ever incorporate non-nuptial cohabitation into a marital framework.

In this presentation I shall argue that these assumptions turn out to be liberatingly false, thereby creating ironic opportunities for the churches to recover their traditions and re-shape their marriage ministries to accord more with the gospel and with the real lives of marrying Christians. Much of it is based on an analysis of the practice of living together before marriage (the long section 2).

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Being non-nuptial it excludes itself from marriage.

What then do we know about living together as a prolegomenon to theological work?

Living together as a prelude to marriage began in the 1970s.

In the late 70s and early 80s, an unmarried couple upon conception opted increasingly for an abortion or an illegitimate birth. But in the 90s 70% of women marrying for the first time had cohabited before marriage compared with only 6% in the late 60s.

Many of these couples maintain separate residences. These are the ones we dont hear so much about, yet in the early 90s about as many cohabitees broke up as went on to marry.

Data from the British Household Panel Survey (which has followed a sample of 10,000 adults annually since 1991) predicts that out of every 20 cohabiting couples, 11 will marry, 8 will separate, and 1 will remain intact after 10 years.The way they match couples is all science-based and are so successful they have patented the technology.11,000 members have married through meeting on e Harmony.It also makes the process of meeting people much easier and a lot less nerve-wrecking.In section 1 there is an important caveat about what living together means.A basic distinction must first be made between people who intend marriage and live together first, and people who live together with no intention of marriage.The first was a widespread separation of sex and marriage which happened in the 1960s.

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