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Also powerful is the way the church offered alternatives to the dominant culture, a culture that was often oppressive or dangerous.

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You say this issue is complicated because people have varying definitions of “virignity.” What are some of the most common?

BM: Part of what I want to point out is that what counts as “sex,” or what activities count “against virginity,” varies in both Christian and public health circles.

Chastity in that case was not about limitation for many—especially early Christian women in religious orders—but about new freedoms to live fully into grace.

RNS: Drawing from theologian Christine Gudorf, you argue that we can reason that sexual pleasure is good because “it feels good.” Many who commit sexual crimes claim that it feels good, but we still condemn those acts.

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Though it can be very tricky to navigate the territory between friendship and courtship, if you follow a few basic rules, you can have a no-strings-attached relationship where no one gets hurt.

It’s not the kind of content that will draw traditionalists en masse.

Yet I suspect that Mc Cleneghan’s book will be persuasive to many believers who feel some cognitive dissonance when it comes to sex.

And for some queer folks, the emphasis on heterosexual acts means that it’s not a good line, or norm, for ethics.

I am less concerned with which “acts” are “okay” for unmarried Christians and more interested in helping people ask questions about healthy intimacy, experiencing pleasure and desire in holy ways, and in learning to be vulnerable with a partner in ways that affirm their mutual identity as children of God.

It’s that they’ve been caught in their disobedience. But the question of feeling at home in our bodies, at coming to terms with our vulnerability, is a lot more complicated than that. And, indeed, our vulnerability, our embodied nature, our relationships, and our institutions are affected by sin.

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