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I did a search on google of Ashley Storer and found this very hot model out of Asheville, SC.

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Ashley lists herself at 5’2 and 113 pounds, so the normally smaller Shane Helms would have had a bit of a size advantage in this battle of fists.

As of this writing, neither Kelly or Storer have filed police reports.

However, Kelly told he is still considering doing so.

This all of the sudden goes from two guys having a good time to a serious issue if the WWE has one of their wrestlers accused of not only being publicly intoxicated, but hitting a woman (5’2 keep in mind) on top of that.

reports that Matt Hardy was with Jericho and Helms last night.

Reportedly, Hardy fled on foot when the cab driver pulled off at the gas station to call 911.Storer claims she is not interested in filing charges, but if a trial or something like that came out of this, she would be forced to tell her story under oath or even in a police report.I don’t think Chris Jericho is in any kind of trouble here, other than possibly a fine.Police have no plans to file any charges against Matt.Order the WWE Royal Rumble – The Complete Anthology, Vol.From the report, Jericho wasn’t driving and was smart enough to take a cab.

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